Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hang a birdhouse in the Week of the nest box

Vierlingsbeek / Zeist, The Netherlands Bird Protection and CJ Wild Bird Foods organizing 17 t / m 23 February for the ninth time the National Week of the nest box . The breeding season is upon us , so February is the ideal month to hang. Birdhouse A nest box in the garden offers a lot of fun , but it's also an easy way to help the birds. For many birds is good housing becoming increasingly difficult to find .
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BirdLife Netherlands recommends everyone to help the birds, do so now. A birdhouse in the garden Many birds are also looking for a suitable nesting . By putting up nest boxes are gardens and parks attractive to birds .

During the Week of Nest anyone can bring the brood nest box data from residents card . Participants in the Week of the nest box is asked to keep the nesting birds , of course, without disturbing . The nesting birds this spring an eye The breeding data can be reported on the website.

CJ Wild Bird Foods , producer of nature products , has three special nesting boxes designed for the great tit , blue tit and house sparrow . These approved by RSPB nesting boxes have an extra handy package , containing a bird identification card . The special nesting boxes are available at :
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in the shop of BirdLife Netherlands ( Zeist )
In addition, they also they available at all leading garden centers and pet shops .
For more information and to participate , interested parties can visit .


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Orchid Plant classifications And Kind

Classifications Orchid Plant And The type is the article which I will fit on this occasion , I suguhkan special for you lovers of ornamental plants , these plants a lot in a hurry and in demand by fans of ornamental plants because these plants have many variants or different types .
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Orchid Plant classifications

Different types of orchids so much widespread in the circumpolar region or in the humid tropics , this plant can easily be found in cold regions and areas that are not illuminated direct sunlight , and plants can grow well even though its a bit of water availability , which only relies on rainwater and dew in the morning only, so maintaining orchids is not so difficult .

Scientifically these plants live in trees or branches of other plants , but these plants can also grow or can live well with medium plants grown in soil or in pots , it also includes some paktor to note such as : a moist environment , low temperature weather , sunlight , and treatment .

Temperature or the temperature in the plant like at least 15 degrees , and its maximum 30 degrees , whereas if excessive or to panasan , it will cause dehydration which will slow the growth of these plants , and for the relative humidity ( RH ) it ranges from 60 to 85 % , the moisture must be completely guarded , ape if the humidity is too high will lead to his buds to rot and die .

The pattern of plant growth is differentiated into two types , namely :

1 . orchid Monopodial

The hallmark of this type can be seen from its growth from a single stem straight looming because of its growing point located on the tip of his trunk , and his interest came out between his armpit leaves , while the examples of this type such as : Renanthera sp , sp Panda , Aranthera sp , Phalaenopsis sp and sp Arachnis .

2 . orchid simpodial

This type of orchid has a main stem , and his interest came out emergency ends of its stems , adapon jenios examples such as : Cymbidium sp , Cattleya sp , sp Dedrobium , and Oncidium sp .

Habitat orchids are divided into 4 groups:

1 . orchid saprofit

This orchid grows in unusual places or her existing media such humus her orchid types Goodyera sp .

2 . terrestrial orchids

This orchid is one that places like the illuminated open or direct sunlight , such as the type of his anggre : Arachnis sp , sp Renanthera , Vanda sp and sp Aranthera .

3 . orchid litofit

This unusual orchids growing on the rocks , and this orchid is very strong or resistant to direct sunlight , it is a type of Dendrobium phalaenopsis .

4 . epiphytic orchids

Well if this one is unusual orchids grow attached to trees or branches , and orchids satuy is in need of shade from sunlight or she does not like direct sunlight , its types , namely : sp Oncidium , Dendrobium sp , and Phalaenopsis sp .(see also: pakan burung kenari)

Orchid Plant classifications
Well that's classifications Orchid Plant And Kind , hopefully this article useful and thank you for his visit .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2 The skull of 7 elephants poisoned Pelalawan Police investigated

Of the seven male elephant carcasses were found dead of poisoning in District Ukui , Pelalawan Riau , two of whom were taken to a Camp Baserah in the area to be studied . The case was handled by the Forestry Police ( Polhut ) Tesso Nilo National Park Authority ( TNNP ) , accompanied by members of the police Pelalawan .
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Riau Police Public Relations Head , Chief Thunder Aryo Tejo to , Sunday ( 23/2 ) say seven elephants were found dead , six with type kelami males and one females .

Its discovery in the forest sector of the District Ukui Basrah Pelalawan Riau without tusks . " Elephant carcass was found about 70 feet from the road and in seven nearby location , not the location , " said Thunder.

Provisional estimates , the death of seven elephants were poisoned about three months ago . " We have already conducted an investigation and have already secured two elephant skulls brought to Camp Baserah Ukui region , " said Thunder .

He added that the findings of seven elephants to handling the dead , the investigation conducted by the police Polhut accompanied by members of the Police Pelalawan .
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"The perpetrator is still at large , we are still doing the investigation by examining the carcass , " said Thunder