Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2 The skull of 7 elephants poisoned Pelalawan Police investigated

Of the seven male elephant carcasses were found dead of poisoning in District Ukui , Pelalawan Riau , two of whom were taken to a Camp Baserah in the area to be studied . The case was handled by the Forestry Police ( Polhut ) Tesso Nilo National Park Authority ( TNNP ) , accompanied by members of the police Pelalawan .
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Riau Police Public Relations Head , Chief Thunder Aryo Tejo to , Sunday ( 23/2 ) say seven elephants were found dead , six with type kelami males and one females .

Its discovery in the forest sector of the District Ukui Basrah Pelalawan Riau without tusks . " Elephant carcass was found about 70 feet from the road and in seven nearby location , not the location , " said Thunder.

Provisional estimates , the death of seven elephants were poisoned about three months ago . " We have already conducted an investigation and have already secured two elephant skulls brought to Camp Baserah Ukui region , " said Thunder .

He added that the findings of seven elephants to handling the dead , the investigation conducted by the police Polhut accompanied by members of the Police Pelalawan .
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"The perpetrator is still at large , we are still doing the investigation by examining the carcass , " said Thunder


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