Monday, May 19, 2014

7000 Work Program Package in Jakarta, New Two Pack Auctioned

Of the 7,000 events that must be auctioned through the Procurement Unit of goods and services ( ULP ) Jakarta , DKI new two program packages that have been auctioned . ULP head I Dewa Gede Jakarta Soni said the figures were obtained on the final status , on Friday ( 16/05/2014 ) and then at 24.00 pm .

" Total cumulative package that has been entered into the ULP is 5,114 package . At On Friday alone , 2,214 package , " said Soni , told reporters in Jakarta , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

The package has been auctioned by the Electronic Procurement Service ( LPSE ) that as many as 46 packets . Two of them have already completed auctioned and the program can be implemented . Meanwhile , the rest is still in the process of document .
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There are as many as 142 packets were sent back to the regional work units ( on education ) and regional work units ( UKPD ) . Returns documents that caused the requirements are not met . Meanwhile , 2,758 auction package being discussed by the working group ( WG ) with the ULP on education , but have not entered the auction LPSE .

"The amount on education and UKPD already proposed auction of activity reached 231 750 units , " said Soni .

Two packets of activities that have been completed auction is print a test script elementary and office security services BLUD Health Center Tanah Abang .

" Trials have started this school this morning and yesterday had a fuss going backwards , because the city is not ready . Fact , the exam too right ? Progress can be seen in the auctions , " said former Chief of Unit Management And Control System Jakarta Transportation Department 's traffic .

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo has given deadline to submit UKPD auction on education and activities to ULP Jakarta on Friday ( 05/16/2014 ) . At that time , high-pitched , Jokowi expressed disappointment that is still a little on education and is filed UKPD auction activity to the ULP . The slower on education and UKPD filed auction , the flagship program of the slower realized and the budget was not absorbed well .

Party ULP administration will report the results of auctions registration through the ULP on Tuesday ( 21/05/2014 ) coming to Jakarta Vice Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama . This year , there are approximately 52,000 events in the city government. ULP will carry out a tender for a 7,000 yard events in it .

The amount is reduced to the procurement of goods through electronic purchasing ( e - purchasing ) at the Institute for Procurement of Goods and Services ( Audited ) . Meanwhile 45,000 other activities are handled through direct procurement . Terms auction in ULP only applies to grants with a value of more than Rp 200 million to Rp 50 million for goods and for services .


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