Friday, May 23, 2014

PDI-P cadres Prepare to Protect Dolly

Chairman of the Board of Directors Branch ( DPC ) of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ) in Surabaya , East Java , Vishnu Sakti Buana worrying officials working unit (SKPD ) Surabaya City Government , such as the Civil Service Police Unit ( municipal police ) will commit acts of violence when execution Dolly closing on June 19, 2014 .

If that happens , Brown said the PDI-P cadres will be at the front to protect the public Dolly .

"If you do like it then ( cadres ) PDIP will be there to protect society Dolly . They did not make a mistake and hung there alive , "he told Reuters on Saturday ( 24/5 ) .
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Potential friction between citizens and authorities , recognized Vishnu likely to occur . Because residents worried after seeing the Surabaya City Government does not keep its promise to deliver income residents affected by the closure of the previous , as in Morokrembangan , Klalahrejo , Sememi and Dupak Bangunsari .

Moreover , Vishnu is also deputy mayor of Surabaya is said , from the results of the dilalukannya down to the field , he found the Social Service ( Social Affairs ) Surabaya never sit together with the residents .

Dinsos only two records in the neighborhood ( RT ) , whereas APs Dolly was closing in five neighborhoods ( RW ) .

He was also disappointed to find that only a local mayor and the Department of Labor ( Manpower ) accompanying Surabaya City when heading to the field . While spearheading Dinsos not present .

Citizens themselves , Vishnu obviously , have agreed with the closure of localization was the largest in Southeast Asia .

" Provided that the State Government ( Government) Surabaya income security for people affected by the closure . The request was filed because if only it could provide severance pay runs out in a month , " he said .

The results of the meeting between Vishnu and residents recognition has been given orally to Risma . The plan is a written report will be submitted on Monday ( 26/5 ) future .
This report should be reported immediately judged as Vishnu fear Risma report obtained today is less precise .


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