Thursday, May 1, 2014

Attend Ceremony at Monas, Jokowi and Ahok Wear Taxi

Joko Widodo Jakarta Governor and Deputy Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja present at the ceremony in the courtyard of the National Education Day IRTI , Monas , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) morning .

Both come use the same mode of transportation taxis . Jokowi and aide comes with a blue taxi around 07.30 pm . He was wearing a batik shirt blue dominance .
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Meanwhile Basuki , who is familiarly called Ahok , came at around 7:35 pm , also uses a blue taxi . Like Jokowi , Ahok also wearing a blue shirt domination .

When asked by reporters , before the ceremony took place , the issue of similarity of alternative modes of transportation , Jokowi and Ahok equally not answer . Jokowi rush into the room waiting for the leadership of the ceremony . While Ahok just smiled .

The ceremony was attended by a number of civil servants in the ranks of city government and a number of the principal started at around 08.00 pm . Solemn ceremony took place despite the sun 's surface whack Jakarta .

Just a background , the choice of using a taxi by both government leaders in Jakarta is a real action of Governor Instruction No. 150 in 2013 related to the use of public transport by civil servants on the first Friday of each month .

On several occasions , Jokowi said that the instruction was to provide an example for people to move to mass transportation of personal transportation . Jokowi admitted that the regulations require adaptation . He estimated that the instruction will be effective when three or four times running .


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