Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Establishments Kadisdik Promises Fix Building Malaka Sari SDN 14 Morning

Head of Education Dept. Lasro Marbun promised to immediately improve public elementary school building ( SDN ) Malaka Sari 14 morning , Duren Sawit , East Jakarta . According to him , based on a review conducted by the staff, the school building with the number of students 260 people had been improperly used .

He said he would see to it that the school improvement funds included in the income and expenditure budget area ( budget ) in 2014 . " Seen it might not be worth used . I 've been there , I think as more time progresses , more and more damaged . Today we are meeting . I will check , if already signed 2014 budget , that should not go into 2015, " said Hall Lasro in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

According Lasro , he has ordered that the classes are broken is not used anymore . Therefore , it is very risky to threaten the safety of the students who use it . The alternative is to be taken to prepare another building or arrange to have the students use traditional classrooms that are still viable in turn.

Furthermore , Lasro said , the problems are not worth building schools is nothing new . He guessed , there are many other schools in the capital are not worth used . " In South Jakarta also there . 's Why I 'll check later . Problem that nearly collapsed school building is indeed a classic thing that often happens , " he said .

As reported , there are two classrooms at SDN Malaka Sari 14 am which is not proper to use again . The second room is the room class V and class VI B. tile - tile on the floor in two rooms of the school . In addition , the frames of wood attached to some decrepit classrooms have also been eaten by termites .
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Education building had been broken since mid-2013 , but there has been no improvement . Roof construction of the building is also prone to collapse .


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