Monday, April 28, 2014

Meeting Jokowi Version Akbar Tanjung

Presidential candidate (candidates ) PDI Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) met with the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Golkar Party Akbar Tanjung . The meeting took place at the residence of Akbar on Sunday ( 27/4 ) night .

The former House speaker admitted , Jokowi arrival to his residence was limited to silaturrahmi . The meeting also occurred terutup .

According to Akbar , the arrival of the Governor of Jakarta is quite abrupt . Therefore , the staff of the new PDI notify visit around 17:00 pm .

Visit this former mayor of Surakarta , beginning with dinner Bami GM , which ordered directly by the host of Gajah Mada . The reason for the sudden visit , so do not have time to cook .

Akbar said in the conversation for 1.5 hours , Jokowi many asking about the Golkar political party , especially regarding Jusuf Kalla . " There is no discussion specifically about the presidential election , only discuss general things , " said former chairman of the Golkar Party .
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Akbar admitted , although not specifically discuss the election , but also talked about the possibility of a coalition . "Mutual silaturrahmi that's Indonesian political culture , " said Akbar .

But when asked whether Jokowi bring the message of Megawati , he was dismissed . "No message nothing from Mega mother , Indeed I say hi to mom Jokowi for Mega , " said Akbar .

Jokowi himself came accompanied by Deputy Secretary -General ( Wasekjen ) Hasto Kristiyanto . Actually the Jokowi already three times , want to visit the residence of Akbar but this is the first time realized .

Actually, at the same time Akbar will be attending the wedding . Because Jokowi visited Akbar was also delaying marriage until a meeting attended by Jokowi finished .

" His arrival was so sudden , he said eight hours ( 20:00 pm ) comes from, but half of the eight already in front of the house , praying bilangya 'd love to ride , " said Musfihin , the staff of Akbar Tanjung .


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