Monday, April 14, 2014

MOC: Sunda Strait Bridge Technical Problems Still There

The government once again said that the Sunda Strait bridge is important to the national economy , especially the flow of goods and people from Java to Sumatra or vice versa . However , the project 's development still has obstacles .

" In my opinion , it is a far greater purpose between Sumatra and Java, which needs to accelerate transportation , real strategic importance , it is only a technical problem , " said Transportation Minister EE Mangindaan , in Jakarta , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

MOC said , the technical aspects , among others, the strength of the Sunda Strait Bridge construction . " It really needs to be learned , if built , should achieve its goals and objectives , power , construction and so it technically , " he said .

Up to now the Sunda Strait bridge construction projects continue to be studied by the government . Stages are already included in the feasibility study process . " Pending the feasibility study ( FS ) . Medium assessed by the proponent of government , " he said

Previously reported , the Sunda Strait Bridge project ( JSS ) which is estimated to cost up to Rp 200 trillion is getting criticism from the Indonesian National Shipowners Association ( INSA ) . INSA assess in terms of logistics , will be cheaper for the government to fix the port rather than build JSS .
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The organization explained , with the Java - Sumatra bridge access , then the interest of people to use sea transport would be reduced . As a result , the burden of the government to allocate funds road improvements will be growing .


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