Friday, April 11, 2014

Samsung Tablet Market Share Up, iPad Still Leads

Some internal documents were leaked to the media Samsung , very surprising . Fill statements in the document , describe the main ambition of reaching the target was not the Samsung sales in the market, but Apple beat !

Reporting from TUAW , Samsung is an internal document leaked to the online media that contains the statement that " Beating Apple is # 1 Priority ! " or less means " Apple is Beating Our No. 1 Priority " .

This statement illustrates that Samsung considers Apple as a serious threat and could affect the future of Samsung's business sector . Seen from a statement in a document in 2011 , Samsung was already a long time to save big obsession to beat Apple , so the top priority in their mission .

In the document it is mentioned how Samsung seeks Apple entice users to switch to using the Samsung Galaxy in many ways , despite having violated Apple patents technology . Promotion and marketing tactics are cunning too often waged an intensive Samsung presents a large-scale promotion of the Galaxy brand .
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Phil Schiller ( Apple Marketing Chief ) responded calmly about the Samsung 's internal documents . And he is not surprised if during this Samsung impressed " inspired " by Apple products . Phil admits that advertising and promotion are conducted Samsung very "massive " and outstanding since 2013 ago. Involves a lot of artists , a grand event , to be the official Sochi 2014 Olympic smartphones . Yet Phil insists that Apple is not going to overhaul the marketing strategy of Apple to follow the footsteps of Samsung's marketing style .

Samsung has long had a relationship that was " less harmonious " with a tough competitor , Apple . Various scorn and mutual inter- Fanboy said often occurs in social media , to defend both the vendor . Especially lately , when determining the future of Apple in Samsung lawsuit siding related patent infringement .


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