Thursday, April 17, 2014

Samsung Flexible Display Factory Start Operation

To meet the needs of a flexible OLED display components , operate factories A3 Samsung Samsung Display targeted April 2014 . And it turns out the schedule does not slip , because the factory that manufactures Sasmung Display the flaksibel screen , rumored to have been active in operation .

Reporting from tizenindonesia.blogspot , Samsung with persistent while maintaining a flexible device market , because it is regarded as the future for the market growth .
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Samsung Display seems to immediately make large investments in factories A3 because of the demands of the market , especially with fierce competition from competitors , such as Apple . Apple reportedly will introduce the iWatch with flexible OLED display built-in in the month of September 2014 . Additionally , LG Display will operate production lines 8th generation to produce OLED displays in the second half of this year . On the one hand , Samsung Electronics wants to look for alternative business other than the production of high-end smartphones , to produce flexible OLED display .

Seeing this fact , most likely Samsung will unveil the latest smartphone with flexible OLED display that is produced in the factory A3 , aided by investment in Samsung Display .

A3 factory is projected to be fully operational in early November or December , because it will take at least six months for the Samsung Display to carry , install , and run the equipment after placing the order in April . Mass production of flexible OLED screen is likely to begin in January or February , after manufacturing output has been enhanced through operational testing . The factory is expected to produce flexible OLED panels for smartphones and wearable devices such as smartwatch and smartbands .

Samsung Display reportedly has a production capacity of flexible screens around 15,000 to 20,000 units per month per line , which means that as many as 20,000 units of smartphones in 5 to 6 - inch can be produced in a year . Manufacturing output depends on how many smartphones Samsung Electronics increased the share of which is equipped with a flexible OLED display . A3 factory will also produce large OLED panels for TVs sooner or later , in line with the growth rate of global OLED TV market .


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