Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mercedes-Benz G-class insurance China

Vehicles from China to face Japan , Germany , or America , it was already familiar in the ears and eyes .

Like do not care , labeled " copycat " continue " maintained " because many people may take refuge under the umbrella of the joint - venture . A number of Chinese brands with the "free " model of plagiarizing his partner .

Most recently was Beiqi BJ80 . Dijepret at the Beijing Auto Show this week ( April 20 to 29 ) , this model is considered to be similar to the G - Class .

Line design and high box off - roader legendary Mercedes - Benz creations were not hidden at all .

Then , plus the Jeep and Hummer accents here and there , including the grille and headlights with characteristic large holes separated body-colored lines . Using a type V8 engine , 4.000cc , gasoline .

Although quite prop , there is a fact that must be accepted . Beiqi brand that spawned BJ80 was owned BAIC Group , a partner of Mercedes - Benz in China .

With this partnership umbrella , as Chinese brands with models plagiarized kosher brands.

As with Brilliance , BMW brand his partner ever released similar sedans Series 3 and Series 5 .
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Just buy a fake BMW emblem , mounted and no one knows if jerohannya Chinese brands .


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