Sunday, April 27, 2014

Golkar Rapimnas Discuss Presidential Election Results Election and Preparation

Golkar Party will hold a National Leadership Meeting , May 3, 2014 . There are two main things that will be discussed in the Rapimnas , the results of legislative elections April 9 and July 9 presidential election preparations .

" Golkar Central Board will explain the results ( of the vote ) in elections Golkar . Many regions felt the results are far from expectations , " said Advisory Board Chairman of Golkar , Akbar Tanjung , at his residence here on Sunday night 27 April 2014 .
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Related to the preparation of the Presidential Election , Golkar was approaching other parties to be invited to form a coalition . " Mr. Bakrie example 've met Mr. Mahfud MD . During the meeting impressed they got a lot of matches . Then Mr. Mahfud said it would report to the CLA meeting with Bakrie about it . Lastly we can reject the info PKB ( coalition ) , " Akbar said .

Senior politicians and former Chairman of the Golkar Party said his party needs a coalition to continue candidacy Bakrie ( ARB ) as president . " According to the current count , the vote in the House seems Golkar in baawah 100 seats . While to be able to nominate the president should be 112 seats . Therefore should the coalition , "said Akbar .

If not found a suitable coalition partner , the Golkar Akbar advised to prepare alternative measures . " The next option if you want to continue participation in the presidential election , no longer have to position yourself as a candidate . But we have not discussed yet over . Until now Bakrie still a candidate, "said Akbar .


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